Author: Scarlet Paolicchi


Dear grandparents and grandkids, write the story that brings you closer.

In these pages, you'll pass down family memories and make new ones. You'll connect the past with the future. You'll write the story of the special bond you share as grandparent and grandchild. Together.

Sharing Stories, Making Memories is a shared journal for you to strengthen your relationship. With fun, insightful questions about childhood, family traditions, friends and relationships and so much more, this grandparents journal is the perfect place to get to know each other.

Inside this grandparents journal, you'll find:

  • A shared keepsake--Share your answers and experiences side-by-side with this participation-friendly grandparents journal design.
  • Thoughtful prompts--Connect with each other through fun questions like "what is your favorite family tradition?" or "describe a really fun day when you were little."
  • Follow your curiosity--Ask and answer your own questions about each other's lives with blank Q&A pages.

Uncover your unique bond and treasure it forever with this grandparents journal.

Sharing Stories, Making Memories: A Journal for Grandparents and Grandchildren