Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger
Expressing wisdom and hope in these times just got a little easier…

Lovebox is a simple and fun wi-fi connected device that brings loved ones together, regardless of the distance between them.  Lovebox is the only wi-fi connected device exclusively dedicated to expressions of wisdom and hope – all wrapped with love.

You can send messages from your heart to family, friends, and loved ones – anytime, anywhere in the world – with this modern take on classic communication. You simply send a message through the easy-to-use app and then the cheerful heart on your loved one’s box spins to let them know there’s a note waiting for them. The alert is silent – no annoying lights or beeping – just a subtle sign that you’re thinking of them before they even open the box. This makes people jump to attention with anticipation when the message arrives. Simply open the box and inside on the screen they will find your message, then suddenly all the feelings set in. To return the feels, they can spin the heart to send a shower of digital love back to your mobile device screen, making it easy for grandparents and young children to respond. Either way, it’s so much more powerful than a bipbip on your phone.

Set-up is easy for all ages!  All that is required on the recipient’s end is the Lovebox and a wi-fi connection.  The sender simply needs a mobile device and to download the Lovebox app

Lovebox Color and Photo