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This unique memory book is a great way to tell your grandchildren all about you, from the wildest things you did as a teenager to your early memories of their parents. Along with plenty of prompts and fill-in-the-blanks for recording childhood memories and family history, there’s lots of space for mementos and those photos of you playing with your best friend or from the first place that you lived on your own. Pass on family traditions—like the holidays you celebrate and the dishes your family shares on special occasions; reveal what life was like when you were a kid; and recount favorite stories about yourself and those you love. It’s a gift your grandkids will return to again and again.


Create a family keepsake that future generations will treasure.  Made especially for grandparents to share with grandchildren, this unique memory books guides you as you tell the story of your life.  Fun prompts and fill-in-the-blanks help you get started, whether you’re recording a childhood memory or passing down family traditions and practical advice.  There’s also plenty of space in each section and extra pages at the back of the book for photo and mementos.  Your grandchild will have lots of fun learning about one of his or her favorite people. 

For My Grandchild: A Grandparent's Gift of Memory


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