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Summer Potpourri; a little bit of this and that

Well, it’s the 223rd day-of-the year with only 42 days till Fall. How is the summer going by so fast? Let’s get out there and enjoy the sun, fun and relaxed schedule that summer can afford!

Here are my Top 4 things to remember about enjoying Summer to the Fullest:

  1. Hydrate, hydrate & hydrate. Remember you lose much more water due to sweating/evaporation in the heat, so don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Don’t wait till the day-of; always be hydrated!

  2. Wear that sunscreen. It’s the BEST protection for the largest organ on your body — your skin! I’m using 50-70 now & still keeping that nice-summer-glow

  3. Cool off in-the-air conditioning. Don’t be afraid to come back inside for cool down after spells out in the heat! It’ll help cool you quicker & recover better. Remember to heat up & to cool down!

  4. Lastly, try to get into that island state-of-mind — where time just eases on by — and stay there this summer. Read a book, take a leisurely walk, relax at a park — whatever it is that brings you peace — do make time for it.

I’ve run across a great find for us Boomers/Pre-tirees as it’s called Boomer Magazine and you can find it at as it’s a brief but good read and resource for info & happenings for the active senior lifestyle.

This week there’s some handy suggestions for those Seniors getting-back-into the dating game. Single seniors embarking on the dating scene may be tempted to start a relationship with a health professional.¹

Here are some reasons why that may not be such a good idea:

  • Beware of dating radiologists, they can see right through you.

  • Beware of dating podiatrists, you may get off on the wrong foot.

  • Beware of dating cardiologists, they may discover your heart isn’t in the right place.

  • Beware of dating allergists, their affection might be seasonal.

  • Beware of dating acupuncturists without a license to practice. They’re pointless.

Another one of Sandi’s & my favorite things about Summer are the movie blockbusters that make their way to the Box Office each year. Dinner-and-a-movie are one of our favorite ways to spend date-nite & summer is especially a great movie season.

AMC Theatres are reporting that business is on the way back — after a rough pandemic year — that’s’ GREAT news! Here’s a great movie that you Boomer/Pre-tiree Grandparents can be sure to take the Grands to see: Disney’s Jungle Cruise.

In Jungle Cruise, a Disney adventure that demonstrates how basing a movie on a theme-park ride may now be a more natural occurrence than adapting it from a novel, Emily Blunt plays Dr. Lily Houghton, a London researcher-explorer who’s as fearless, in her demure way, as Indiana Jones, and Dwayne Johnson is Frank Wolff, the friendly huckster of a river-boat captain who ferries her down the Amazon at the height of World War I.

Jungle Cruise is a movie that implicitly asks: What’s wrong with a little good old-fashioned escapism? The answer is: Absolutely nothing, and “Jungle Cruise” is old-fashioned, expect that it pelts the audience with entertainment in such a lively yet bumptious way that at times you’d wish you were wearing protective gear. ²

Well, with only 42 days-left-of Summer…you’d better get out there & enjoy it!!!

Remember, at Conizo, we want you to live-well through every season of life, and that’s why we continue to provide the best in information, experiences & resources, all designed to help you simply, live well!

Stop by the intersection of wisdom & hope, at our page and see what's happening this Summer.

Remember this week…live well.³


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