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Staying Young at Heart: 4 Keys

This week we’re visiting Sandi’s parents Ron & Carolyn Patty, aka Papa & Nana, so I’m coming to you from their Home for today’s video/blog. I have to say, even at 87 Papa & Nana are two of the youngest-at-heart Seniors that I’ve ever known. Sandi & I often say, “We want to be Papa & Nana when we grow up!”

I think there are actually 4 keys to how Ron & Carolyn stay so young-at-heart & I’d love to share them with you:

Stay young at heart. For as long as we’ve known them, Ron & Carolyn, have been two of the most energetic, positive and really kids-at-heart. Somewhere along the way, they decided to stay young, keep learning & keep growing. I think it’s a state of mind, of well-being and the both embody it to the fullest. I say, if you don’t have to grow up — don’t.

Stay Active — both Body & Mind. Ron walks everyday plays golf and has always generally stayed active. Carolyn has her bike, walks & has always kept the house immaculate & runs daily errands — they’re both physically active even at 87 years of age. Secondly, they keep their minds active. Carolyn has read over 50 books this year, as she downloads them online form the Public Library — good idea Seniors! Ron finishes each evening with a crossword puzzle…it’s both/and staying active both body & mind.

Stay connected with your Physician. Ron & Carolyn both stay in regular touch with their Physician and specialists. They stay on top of regular & yearly check-ups & are well versed in where they both should be at their age physically. Of course, at 87 there are a few more aches & pains, but they are both on top of them and that makes all the difference! Boomers, stay connected to your family Physician.

Stay Positive. I’m not sure if it’s their faith, personality or shared experiences — but Ron and Carolyn are two of the most positive people we know. Coach John Wooden was Ron’s mentor as he was an excellent athlete and is even in the Anderson University Sports Hall of Fame. Carolyn, a concert pianist, has always been the top musical member of the family — they all say so! She continues to practice piano & giving weekly lessons. No matter what’s faced them with life, kids, grandkids & now great grandkids — they approach life with a positive attitude.

Well, I could go on & on, but let me restate these 4 keys that I believe will help YOU stay young at heart:

  1. Stay young-at-heart…it’s a mindset

  2. Stay active both body & mind.

  3. Stay connected with your Family Physician

  4. Stay Positive — attitude IS altitude

Remember, at Conizo, we want you to live-well through every season of life, and that’s why we continue to provide the best in information, experiences & resources, all designed to help you simply, live well!¹

Stop by the intersection of wisdom & hope, our page and see happening this Summer.

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