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Spring has Sprung... Let's Get Out and Enjoy It!

With Spring clearly on its way…

Easter is just around the corner! Did you know that the date of Easter is tied to the full Moon and the March/Spring equinox? Easter is what’s known as a “movable feast” — in other words, a religious holiday that may fall on a different calendar date from year to year.

Here’s the basic rule for finding the date:

Easter is observed on the Sunday following the Paschal Full Moon, which is the first full Moon that occurs on or after the March equinox. This year, the March equinox occurs on Saturday, March 20. The first full Moon to occur after that date is on Sunday, March 28. This makes March’s full Moon the Paschal Full Moon as well.

Therefore, Easter will be observed on the first Sunday after March 28: Sunday, April 4! I love this little formula and for more info on the link between Easter, the Spring Equinox, and the Moon go to the webpage.¹

Well with the weather warming up to Spring-like temps, it’s also time to get out there and enjoy the sunshine. And there’s no better way to enjoy the sunshine…than a good daily walk!

Walking is one of the easiest and most enjoyable (and most natural) forms of physical activity. There are several advantages to choosing walking. Walking requires no special equipment or skill; it has minimal risk for injury; it benefits your health; it improves your mood; and it can be done almost anywhere, which is why it is often referred to as the “universal form of exercise.”

While walking seems pretty basic — putting one foot in front of the other — there are a few guidelines to follow to get the most out of it for exercise.

  • When walking you should stand tall looking forward about 10-20 feet ahead with your shoulders relaxed.

  • Your head should be level with your chin, parallel to the ground. A common mistake is for the chin to stick out placing strain on the neck.

  • Your arms should swing naturally at your side. Each step you take should land on the heel and then roll through to push off with the toes.

  • The length of your stride should be natural and not forced.

You may have heard of several types of walking. For the most part, the difference in these “types” is really just speed.

  • Health walking can be defined as leisurely walking. If you are health walking, you can expect to walk a mile in about 16-30 minutes.

  • For fitness walking, you would just pick up the pace! Expect to walk a mile in about 13-15 minutes.

  • Speed walking, also known as race walking, is highly stylized. A mile can be done in about 12 minutes or less for those who have really mastered the technique!

But this is just the beginning of how walking can be used as exercise. It can be a part of interval training; it can be incorporated into circuit workouts; really the options are unlimited.²

And the health benefits of walking are an absolute positive motivator, as well!

  1. Walking is good for your mind. Walking can help in the treatment of both anxiety and depression (especially depression). It can improve self-esteem and happiness.

  2. Walking in green space can improve sleep. Regular walking in green space may improve both sleep quality and quantity, and reduce episodes of insomnia.

  3. Walking can help stem the effects of arthritis. Even limited walking can help to prevent onset of physical disability due to arthritis.³

Sandi starts her day with a steady 20-minute walk! Often time she’s walking one of the Grands around the neighborhood. And most days she has a practice of what she calls 'Rolling-the-Beads'. Her good friend, Jill Donovan, has a lovely Jewelry company, 'Rustic Cuff' and Sandi absolutely loves the bracelets!⁴

She often rolls the beads reciting both the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ and the 23rd Psalm — a great way to get multiple wellness benefitswalking and centering your day!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get out there and get walking. Breathe the air. Enjoy the sunshine. And know that you’re doing something that will benefit your overall wellness…your spirit, mind and body.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get out there and get walking. Breathe the air. Enjoy the sunshine. And know that you’re doing something that will benefit your overall wellness… your spirit, mind and body. ive that 'well-lived life'.

Thanks for stopping by…Live Life Well!


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View Don Peslis' bio here.

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