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Someday Devotional: Day 5

Devotional by Sandi Patty (2000)

Luke 1:28-30

“Mary…. you have found favor with God.” (NIV)

An angel appeared to Mary and said, “Hey, guess what? You are going to conceive and give birth to a son. Oh, yeah, and by the way, don’t be afraid, ‘kay?” Now… My daughter turned 16 this year, about the age of Mary when she received this life changing news. Not, “hey Mary, you get to get your driver’s license today,” or “hey, Mary, you made the show choir group at high school.” But the angel said, “BEHOLD - listen up. You are going to conceive and give birth to a son. God has found favor with you. He thinks you are up to the task. You may be afraid right now, and I want to calm your fears and tell you that you don’t need to be afraid. Just trust in God.”

How many times in our lives are we given an impossible, inconceivable task? Perhaps it is in these times we, too, need to hear the angel say to us, “Don’t be afraid. God wouldn’t ask you if He didn’t think you could do it. He has found favor with you… today!

Excerpt from devotional Someday: A Book of Days

Copyright © 2000 by Sandi Patty

All Rights Reserved


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