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Someday Devotional: Day 25

Devotional by Sandi Patty (2000)

At this moment, I am writing the final entry into this devotional in my legal pad. As I have used several pages of this pad, I realized as I flipped the last page over, that some little munchkin named Sam has been doodling on these pages. It makes me smile. It immediately makes me think of him and in a split second relive a few moments of his life… and I treasure them.

Mary was loyal and faithful to her son, even to the cross. She was one of the last ones to stand by his side. And some of Jesus’ last spoken thoughts were to his mother. He wanted to make sure she would be cared for after he was physically gone.

Can you imagine all of the emotion of a lifetime she must have felt? She was His mother to the very end… or is it the beginning?

My prayer and hope for you is that you have been challenged and encouraged as you have journeyed through this Christmas story. Perhaps you see yourself in one of the characters in the story. Perhaps you have journeyed far in your life like the wise men, or you have diligently gone about your dailyness like the shepherds. Perhaps you have related to Mary or to Joseph as you face the impossibleness of your life’s circumstances.

Be not afraid. God is finding favor with you. He calls us to come to the manger and meet the Christ Child - The Son of God. He calls us to fall down and worship Him. He calls us with the signs and wonders of His creation. He calls us to offer ourselves as gifts. He calls us to let Christ be born new and fresh in our hearts. He calls you because He loves us. Treasure these things in your heart.

Excerpt from devotional Someday: A Book of Days

Copyright © 2000 by Sandi Patty

All Rights Reserved


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