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Someday Devotional: Day 24

Devotional by Sandi Patty (2000)

Luke 2:19

“But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”

This is my favorite verse in the entire Christmas story. After all that had happened, after all that Mary had seen and experienced, she treasured this journey in her heart.

As a mother, I can so relate to this. There is a bond, a connection that a mother and child share that is unique and different from all others. Everyone has a mother. Think about that. Everyone! The quality of the mother and child relationship can vary dramatically, but everyone has a mother. Every year on my birthday, my mother calls me and says the very same thing. She’ll say, “40 years ago, (or however old I am) my life became even more special. I became a mom and you became my daughter.” Every year, she gives me that beautiful gift in words. She is saying to me - “I treasure you, my child. I have seen your life blossom from childhood to womanhood and I am so proud!”

I have started a similar tradition with my own children. It begins about a week before their birthday. I will begin by saying, “12 years ago, (or however old they are) I was experiencing this or that.” And on their birthday, I tell them the story of their birth, what they looked and sounded like when they saw the world for the first time. How I felt when I held them for the first time. How I loved them then and how I love them now… and I treasure these things in my heart.

Excerpt from devotional Someday: A Book of Days

Copyright © 2000 by Sandi Patty

All Rights Reserved


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