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Someday Devotional: Day 17

Devotional by Sandi Patty (2000)

Luke 2:7

“She laid him in a manger.”

A manger is a trough - an animal feeding container. Therefore, it makes sense that this manger was in a stable. In this stable were animals - maybe some cows, sheep, a dog, some birds, hay - the usual stable stuff. A very lovely picture for a stable or a barn, but not so lovely a picture for a birthing room of the King. However, this is where the journey of Mary and Joseph brought them - to a lowly and simple stable. This is where Mary would give birth to the Son of God.

And yet, this is so like God. He doesn’t reveal Himself in the mighty, but in the meek. He doesn’t show His power in the greatest, but in the least. He transforms a stable into a holy sanctuary. He transforms a barn into the royal birthplace of a King. God never misses a chance to remind us that He welcomes our simplicity and lowliness. For it is in the least of things, that God is the Greatest. He still transforms our woundedness into our victories.

Excerpt from devotional Someday: A Book of Days

Copyright © 2000 by Sandi Patty

All Rights Reserved


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