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Someday Devotional: Day 16

Devotional by Sandi Patty (2000)

Luke 2:7

“There was no room for them in the inn.”

Talk about the last straw. Mary traveled all this way, pregnant, due any moment and they don’t even have a reservation. This is so not funny. I imagine Bethlehem noisy and crowded, filled with other travelers who have come to register their families. Along comes this meek and humble young man, with his very great-with-child wife. Quietly and unobtrusively, they made their way from inn to inn, only to be met with the same response - there’s just no room. Joseph didn’t go ‘busting’ into each inn shouting, “Son of God, comin’ through.” Gently and meekly, Joseph diligently sought a place for he and Mary. And in the hustle and bustle of the city, the innkeeper missed the chance to welcome the Son of God into his home.

How often, in the midst of our noise and chaos, do we perhaps miss God. He’s not shouting to be noticed. He quietly and unobtrusively asks us if we have room for Him. Very often, we need to step out of our chaos to hear Him. Only then can we respond by saying, “Yes, Lord. I have room for you. I welcome you into my heart.”

Excerpt from devotional Someday: A Book of Days

Copyright © 2000 by Sandi Patty

All Rights Reserved


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