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A Summertime State of Mind

Well Summer is upon us and it’s simply my favorite season of the year. But with all the offerings of outside activities; pools, picnics, golfing, and don’t forget the vacations. If we’re not careful we’ll have our summer schedule so over planned…we’ll never be able to relax.

To help us reclaim summer’s carefree spirit, let’s take-a-look at these three simple tips from life coach Victoria Moran, author of Living a Charmed Life.¹

Get on island time

When you’re not at work, try consciously switching from ‘busy-life mode’ to ‘vacation mode’ —you know, the mode where you’re not annoyed by a slow store clerk or frantic to get to the next thing on your schedule. ‘When you’re away, you look at everything in a completely different way,’ Moran says. ‘You’re more relaxed and patient, and you enjoy everything more.’

Add little bits of fun

You don’t have to make big vacation-trips to the beach to enjoy the summer. Each morning, start with: ‘What can I do today that will make it an amazing day?’ Moran suggests. Maybe it’s sipping lemonade on the patio before work or catching fireflies with your kids after dinner. Create your own personal list of life’s simple-little-pleasures, and work them into your every days.

Get outside

If you live somewhere where it gets really hot, you should keep your plans for outdoor activities reasonably short. Don’t plan to spend the whole day out in the sun – stick to a couple of hours and then head inside for a break. Be sure to check your local weather forecast and plan accordingly.

And if this isn’t enough to get you into that Summertime state of mind, here’s a lovely Summer Blessing titled, “Come Summer with Me” brought to us from Fr. Austin Fleming who blogs at “A Concord Pastor Comments”.

Come summer with me, Lord;

summer deep down in my soul;

restore my faith in summer’s time,

in rest, in joy, in play, in you...

Summer in my heart, Lord,

and dwell there

as if time would never end,

as if all time were children's time, eternal time

when school is always out and joy is ever in…

And let others summer in my shade, Lord,

and share whatever summer’s peace is mine to give,

whatever summer’s light is mine to shed,

whatever summer's warmth is mine to share...

Good God of every season and every day this week,

come summer with me, Lord, and let the child in my heart

spend this summer in your love...


Remember, at Conizo, we want you to live-well through every season-of-the-year! And that’s why we continue to provide the best in information, experiences & resources, all designed to help you live that well-lived-life!

Stop by our page and see what we’ve got cooking this Summer and remember this Summer…Live Well!³


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